Cats Eye Stone Original Certified Natutal Lehsunia Ketu Gemstone


  • Natural Cat’s Eye Lehsunia Loose Gemstone
  • Item Type: Natural Cat Eye/Lehsuniy Preicous Loose Gemstone
  • Certification details:- It’s a Certified Natural Loose Gemstone. Item will ship along with the It’s quality certificate. Lab Certificate can be check lab’s website also by report no.
  • Cats Eye / Lehsunia is suppose to have great positive effects on Gamblers, Share Market professionals or any other profession that are associated with speculations and risks.
  • Natural Cat Eyes Lehsunia Ketu Loose Gemstone for Women’s and Men’s
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Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl, also known as Lehsunia or Vaidurya, holds a significant place in Vedic astrology as it is considered the gemstone associated with the planet Ketu, also known as the South Node of the Moon. This gemstone is renowned for its potent planetary energies, and its effects are believed to manifest relatively quickly after wearing it.

Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl, often simply referred to as Cat’s Eye, is particularly favored by individuals who engage in gambling, speculative activities, or games of chance, as it is believed to bring good fortune. It is a gemstone for risk-takers and adventurers.

In the realm of healing, Cat’s Eye is said to help repair the physical body that has been damaged due to various forms of abuse, including unhealthy habits, illness, or emotional distress. Furthermore, it has the potential to alleviate mental anxiety caused by unexpressed desires, dissolve stress, enhance awareness, and improve memory.

One of its most intriguing attributes is its reputation for unblocking channels that lead to quick financial gains, reinforcing a person’s luck in acquiring instant wealth. Additionally, Lehsunia stone is associated with excellent protective properties, guarding individuals against malevolent forces like ghosts and the evil eye.

For those undergoing the challenging period of the Ketu Dasha, which can extend for around 18 years, wearing a Cat’s Eye gemstone is believed to provide soothing relief and mitigate its potentially adverse effects. Embrace the mystical qualities of Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl and experience the transformative benefits it can bring to your life.