About Us

Dr. Ratan Deb Shastri is one of the most famous Indian astrologer. He received a “Doctorate Degree ” Ph. D , in Vedic Astrology from ‘Vishwa Jyotish Vidyapeeth’ Kolkata, India along with a gold medal. He gained knowledge on various topics in Astrology such as horoscope making, horoscope reading, palmistry reading, numerology & Vastu.

More than Ten Thousand Horoscopes he has prepared and analyzed and solved different problems related to education, higher education, career, business, service , marriage, Children etc. According to him, everything that happens in a person’s life depends on the Position and movement of planets in the birth chart. Just as in the ocean there are tides for the moon and the sun, in the same way in human life the effects of planets and stars bring happiness and sorrow. Due to the influence of malefic planets, people have to face various problems in their life According to him, according to Vedic Astrology, if planets are remedied in time, The problem is reduced a lot.