Opal Stone Lab-Certified Natural Fire Opal Stone


  • Stone Type-Natural Certified Original Australian Fire Opal Loose Gemstone
  • Certified Natural White Opal (Austalian) Rashi Ratan Gemstone for Astrology
  • Opal stone is considered as a stone of riches, beauty, elegance and charm. It helps the wearer land on a luxurious life. It leads to prosperity, financial comforts, satisfaction and progression in life. Those in the industries of business, tourism, travels, exports and imports can immensely benefit by wearing this stone.
  • We sell Only Natural & Certified Gemstone For Astrological Purpose
  • Finger to wear opal stone: for best results opal stone ring should be worn in index finger of the working hand in the silver metal for astrological benefits
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White Opal, often referred to as the “stone of angelic connections,” is a mesmerizing gem that holds a myriad of metaphysical and astrological significance. This gemstone possesses a unique ability to clear emotional clutter and foster positive vibrations, making it a cherished choice for those seeking inner harmony and spiritual growth.

White Opal’s remarkable properties extend to its capacity to balance all chakras, aligning the body’s energy centers for optimal well-being. In the world of astrology, it corresponds with the zodiac sign Libra, which symbolizes hope and the cultivation of positivity in life.

Ancient Romans held White Opal in high esteem, associating it with hope and good fortune. In contemporary times, it has earned a reputation as a powerful healing stone, a beacon of hope, and a symbol of great achievement. Some even consider it the “stone of the gods.”

White Opal is often used as a substitute for diamonds, with its soothing and cold nature adding to its allure. It is especially favored for its enchanting “play of color” or fire effect, making it an irresistible choice for jewelry.

In the realm of astrology, White Opal is linked to Venus (Shukra), symbolizing human desires. Wearing this gemstone is believed to enhance marital bliss, love, relationships, companionship, fertility, and sexual compatibility. For optimum astrological benefits, it should be set in silver or other white metal alloys like white gold or platinum and worn on the index finger, particularly on Fridays.

To unlock its full potential, it’s essential to ensure that your White Opal is properly activated, energized, and purified. Embrace the beauty and metaphysical power of White Opal, the birthstone of October, and let it illuminate your path toward positivity, harmony, and fulfillment. Whether worn as a ring or pendant, White Opal is a timeless gem that resonates with both elegance and cosmic significance.