7.25 Ratti /= 6.50 Carat Manik stone Original certified Burma Quality Fine Ruby Loose Gemstone


  • Natural Certified Ruby Manik Gemstone Ring
  • Certified & Natural Earth Mined Best Quality Genuine Gemstone
  • Ruby Manik Gemstone help in issues related to eyesight and blood circulation
  • This Red Created Ruby Ring design is simple, classic, elegant, fit for any occasion such as daily wearing home and office.
  • Packaging Included: 1 Red Ruby Manik Gemstone


Natural ruby, also known as Manikya Stone, is a precious gemstone that possesses an irresistible allure, captivating individuals from all walks of life. Its mystique and association with opulence have earned it a legendary status in the world of gemstones. In Hinduism, this gem is held in high regard, where it is known as “manik,” and its significance is deeply rooted in Vedic astrology. According to Vedic astrology, the Ruby Gemstone is closely linked with the radiant Sun, often referred to as the king of the zodiac. The Sun is revered as the cosmic nurturer, the bestower of vital energy, and the very essence of the Kalpurusha, or the universal being.

One of the most remarkable features of natural ruby is its rich crimson hues, a color so captivating that it can rival even colorless diamonds in terms of intrinsic value. In Western tradition, Ruby is not only considered a symbol of passion but also the birthstone for the month of July.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Ruby Gemstone holds a special place in medical astrology. It is believed that wearing a Ruby can invigorate the wearer, restoring vitality and aiding in various health issues, particularly those related to eyesight and blood circulation. The gem’s influence extends beyond the physical realm, delving into the realm of self-awareness and truth realization. People who embrace the Ruby often experience a profound sense of self-discovery and find themselves steadily progressing along their life path.

In summary, the natural Ruby Gemstone, or Manikya Stone, is not merely a gem but a source of divine energy and spiritual insight. Its magnetic beauty, astrological significance, and healing properties make it a gem of unparalleled value and significance in the realm of precious stones, offering a glimpse into the profound connections between the cosmos, human existence, and the radiant path to self-discovery.