2.25 Ratti 11.37 Carat Certified Ceylon White Sapphire Natural Gemstone for Men and Women


  • Natural Ceylon White Sapphire Safed Pukhraj Stone Original Certified
  • White Sapphire Should Be Worn On The Middle finger OF The Right Hand
  • White Sapphire Stone Safed Pukhraj Ratan Is A Colorless White Colored Gemstone Which Is The Stone Of Beauty
  • Unheated Untreated Precious Safed Pukhraj stone
  • White Sapphire Gemstone With Certificate of Authenticity
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White sapphire, often hailed as the “stone of invincibility,” is revered for the remarkable qualities it imparts to its wearer. This precious gemstone is believed to infuse the individual with unparalleled stamina, tenacity, and unwavering willpower, empowering them to conquer any challenge or task that comes their way. It acts as a beacon of inner strength, ensuring that obstacles are overcome and goals achieved.

Beyond its fortifying attributes, white sapphire carries a profound connection to matters of the heart and personal fulfillment. The prismatic facets of this gemstone are thought to radiate the purest rays of love, beauty, renown, and happiness. In essence, it inspires a life filled with love, a remarkable sense of beauty, widespread recognition, and boundless joy.

Astrologically, the influence of a positive Venus in one’s natal chart can be pivotal. It may bestow a celestial gift known as RajYoga, endowing the individual with unparalleled blessings and prosperity. In the realm of relationships, diamonds are deemed the optimal choice for fostering a blissful married life, as per astrological beliefs. A favorable Venus alignment can pave the way for enchanting romantic bonds, a harmonious and joyful marriage, the blessings of lovely children, and the creation of a warm and inviting home.

Interestingly, a positive Venus influence may even allow for discreet extramarital relationships that do not tarnish one’s reputation, adding an intriguing layer to the astrological perspective. This creative and inherently feminine planet, Venus, serves as a guiding light for morality, artistic expression, compassion, eloquence, and optimism, making it an influential force in one’s life.

Conversely, a weak Venus in an individual’s astrological chart may manifest as domestic discord, melancholy, suicidal thoughts, and a pervasive sense of loneliness. It becomes clear that the alignment of Venus in one’s birth chart can profoundly impact the course of their life journey.

When one adorns themselves with diamonds, they not only enhance their external aura but also experience heightened levels of energy and enthusiasm. This radiant gemstone is believed to have a transformative effect, elevating the wearer’s overall well-being and encouraging a more vibrant and purposeful existence. In the intricate tapestry of life, the white sapphire and its cosmic counterparts guide us on a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment, offering glimpses into the boundless potential of the human spirit.