Natural Citrine ( Sunela) November Birthstone Squire Cut Unheated Untreated GGTL Lab Certified


  • We sell Only Earth Mined Original Gemstones
  • Natural Certified Citrine sunehla ( Substitute of Yellow Sapphire ) Loose Gemstone
  • Stone Certification : free Certified
  • Yellow Color.Yellow Sapphire Stone Is Also Known As Pukhraj In Hindi, Pushpraj In Sanskrit, Pushprag In Tamil,Pushpragam In Telgu, And Pushpraja In Canada
  • Natural And Original Citrine (Sunela) Gemstone
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Citrine, a captivating crystal of profound positivity and remarkable vibrational qualities, is an essential addition to any mineral and stone enthusiast’s collection. Its gentle appearance, adorned with a tender golden hue, is just the beginning of its enchantment. Citrine is more than a beautiful gem; it is a powerful ally on your journey to success and abundance.

This radiant crystal is often associated with happiness and an infusion of optimistic energy. Its mere presence can uplift your spirits and brighten your outlook on life. Citrine’s ennobled color, reminiscent of the sun’s warmth, has an undeniable impact that you must experience firsthand to fully appreciate.

Beyond its aesthetic charm, citrine serves as a bridge to connect you with the spiritual dimensions of your existence. It symbolizes hope, youth, health, and unwavering faithfulness. Holding a citrine crystal in your hand or wearing it close to your heart can remind you of the abundant possibilities that life holds, infusing your journey with renewed enthusiasm and purpose.

Incorporate the power of citrine into your life and let its positive vibrations guide you towards your goals. Embrace this symbol of hope and optimism, and watch as it brings a radiant glow to your path of personal growth and prosperity.